Baron 80

Bold, bright and brave

Baron 80 is a bright, Belgian fashion label for men who dare to stand out. We represent a twist on your everyday wardrobe with our timeless classics and comfortable fits in bold colours and with everything-but-dull details.
The man who wears Baron 80 is open-minded in his lifestyle as well as in his wardrobe. He free-wheels through the fashion world- not blindly following trends, but taking action to create his own divergent vision.

Your everyday wardrobe redefined

We redesign men’s fashion with a sharper, more daring approach. Baron 80 provides you with a spot-on wardrobe that gets you going every day. From head to toe, from AM to PM and from your desk at the office to Saturday night drinks. You’ll never be bored again.
Inspired by the heydays of turn-of-the-century fun fairs, Baron 80 time warps you to British chic. But with a cosmopolitan edge: we open our eyes to the colours of the world and find creativity in the bustle of big cities. That savvy spirit is reflected in Baron 80’s designs and bold finishing touches: smart polo shirts with a perky logo or laid-back trainers in lively designs.

Our purpose

At Baron 80, we strive to do things differently. In our designs, but just as well in the choices we make to get our products to your wardrobe.
We say no to mass production and cheap manufacturing solutions. Take our trainers for instance, of which the side details are not glued but carefully stitched onto the shoe in our production houses in Italy and Portugal.
Our shoes also don’t come in wasteful shoe boxes: instead, we stylishly pack them in drawstring bags,which you can re-use for travelling, laundry or storage. Uninterruptedly we look for realistic ways to make our production and retail process as ecologically friendly and sustainable as possible.
Are you interested in collaborating with Baron 80 for your retail concept? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a conversation that is likely to bear fruitful results!